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Health Coaching

I firmly believe that it is within our power to take control of our own thoughts and begin to live the lives of our dreams!  I aim to help you form sustainable habits that will be beneficial for short and long-term physical and mental health.  No more yo-yo dieting!

I see my clients as whole, unique individuals who deserve to be treated as such.  My program is comprehensive, holistic, and is tailored to your personal needs, goals, desires, likes, and dislikes.  We will look at all of the aspects of your life - sleep, stress, exercise, current diet, past diet, supplementation, health issues, pain, relationship with food, digestion/ absorption/ elimination, interpersonal relationships, etc. - to get a well-rounded perspective on your current health and make actionable steps toward your goals.  We will work together to determine what will be the most supportive strategies for you throughout the program.

My goal is to empower you to achieve your goals while finding acceptance and love for who you are right now.  This society programs us at a young age to feel shame about our bodies if they don't live up to a certain ideal.  This results in many of us forming complicated and often unsatisfactory relationships with our bodies and with food.  I work to help boost my clients' self-confidence and self-esteem by reprogramming negative thought patterns and eliciting a change in mindset through body-positive coaching.  

My program includes:

  • Two 30-60 minute sessions per month
  • Unlimited e-mail access with responses within 24-hours

The program may also include a combination of these features depending on your goals and preferences:

  • A monthly fitness plan tailored to your needs.
  • A monthly meal plan including recipe suggestions.
  • Macro calculations and manipulations based on your goals.
  • Food journal nutrient analyses if desired.
  • Nutrition therapy targeting specific health issues.
  • Functional food and/or supplement recommendations.
  • Nutrition education including supportive handouts, reading suggestions, tailored exercises.
  • Healthy lifestyle counseling including:
    • Self-exploration.
    • Habit and behavior change strategies.
    • Sleep and stress management techniques.
    • Food relationship coaching including support in moving away from undesirable habits such as emotional eating, compulsive snacking, and binge eating.
  • Support in going vegetarian/vegan or more guidance around plant-based nutrition.
  • Support achieving athletic goals including fueling for training and competition.


$250/month (1-month)

$225/month (3-month contract)

$200/month (6-month contract)


I offer discounted add-ons for health coaching clients:

Additional 60-minute coaching session - $55

My ideal client is:

Someone who is ready and willing to explore their issues in depth and is open to trying new strategies for achieving success.  Does that sounds like you?  If so:

Nutrition Coaching



  • Meal plan
  • Supplement and functional food recommendations
  • 60-minute coaching session

Fitness Coaching



  • Fitness programming and workout plan
  • 60-minute coaching session

Personal Training

One-on-one session: $70-90/hour sliding scale

6-pack: $420

9-pack: $585

12-pack: $720

Semi-private single session (2-4 people) - $90-110/hour sliding scale

Semi-private group block hours (up to 4 people):

1x/week: $160/month ($40/session)

2x/week: $280/month ($35/session)

3x/week: $360/month ($30/session)

4x/week: $400/month ($25/session)

in-person training is out of Ironside training at 1304 Se martin luther king blvd. Portland, Oregon.

My focus is on strength training because I believe that this is the most effective form of exercise for improving overall health and longevity.  Building lean muscle helps to maintain the structural integrity and stability of your body by strengthening and activating the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and brain, which in turn protect your skeletal system, joints, spinal column, and nervous system.  Strength training revs up your metabolism more effectively than any other form of exercise and dramatically decreases your risk for contracting illness and disease.  By strengthening your muscles, you will be increasing the neurological connections from your brain to your body.  Your posture, balance, and bone mineral density will improve.  It is extremely important that EVERYONE take up some kind of long-term, consistent strength training program to prevent the deterioration of the body and slow decline of physical and mental health into old age.  Strength training helps you get to know your body and it is exceptionally empowering to feel strong and in control of the way you move.

As your personal trainer, I will not only take you through a good workout and be your cheerleader, I will also instruct you on proper movement, work to correct muscular imbalances, and teach you functional skills that you can take with you and apply on your own and while you are at work, at play, or going about your everyday life.

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One-time Macro Calculation, Meal Plan, Fitness Programming

Although I much prefer getting to know you personally to get a solid, well-rounded idea of what will work best for you in the long-term, I understand that some people may not have the funds or the time to dive into a new program just yet.  A one-time plan will give you a good idea of where to start if you are interested in tracking your macros, planning your meals, and/or structuring your workouts.

One-time macro calculation and meal plan:


one-time fitness plan:


one-time macro calculation, meal plan, and fitness plan:


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