Vancouver, WA

" When I decided to meet with Jessica I thought that she would provide me with a few simple foods that I could eat prior to my workouts to give me the stamina that I needed.  I did not believe that I would take away anything more than that, but I was wrong.   
Jessica's practice encompasses the mind and body.  I learned ways to balance my GI system for better digestion and elimination.  Easy ways to incorporate foods such as beans, nuts, and fruits into my everyday diet.  We talked about plant proteins, soy, flax, vitamin supplements, and how they contribute to overall health at different stages in life. 
We also talked about ways to have a healthy mind and appreciate life with exercise, meditation, writing, and overall gratefulness.  
I took away far more than a few tips on foods to eat prior to a workout.  I took away resources for a happier, healthier life. "


Boulder, CO

" I can honestly say that I have trained with several instructors over the last 10 years and that Jessica Wilkins was the most professional.   Her dedication to my success combined with her focus on technique and encouragement was inspiring. I am stronger, healthier and much more knowledgeable due to her training. I wish her the best and will plan to travel to train with her again. "